We are incredibly excited for our Class of 2019 Senior Model Program. Every year we try to improve on the previous year and this year we have decided to take a very limited number of high school senior models. Remember, only class of 2019 will be considered.

We have some amazing projects in the works and this year will be full of surprises!  Big things are happening with our program this year and we can't wait to meet you!
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Remember, we are only accepting application for seniors graduating the class of 2019
{{answer_71434083}}, this will be the 12th year we have been working with our Senior Model Program. Every year we try to improve on the year before. This year we will be taking a very limited number of models. With that said I want only the most enthusiastic people on my team.

What makes YOU a good fit for our model program? *

Meet our Model Program Director Hadley Griffin.
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How would you rate the last 3 years of high school. *

One heart your over it, two hearts mostly good, and three hearts, your crazy sad it's almost over.

Please upload a headshot of yourself {{answer_71434083}} with no makeup. *

Just use your phone or camera nothing special required. Don't worry we aren't sharing these with anyone.
I know, that was a tough one. So, now I would like you to upload a full body image of yourself. Just you on an average day. *

Thank You so much for your interest in the 2019 Model Program. All applicants will be contacted by February 15th via email.
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